Little Updates

I have decided that my life is half entertaining/exciting, and half dull as dirt. I also am very easily entertained. For example, I spent more than an hour playing some pie-popping flash game the other day.

Anyway, that’s not terribly important. I got more revising done on Writing Your Own Legend. I’ve outlined the new prologue and first chapter, and I think I started the second.

In costuming news, I finally started on the pants for my Tarvek costume. … No, that doesn’t mean that I put the buttonholes on the coat. I’m deliberately putting that off. But I got started on the pants, which is very good, and the Morse will help me get them done much quicker than doing them by hand.

If you’ve heard of Esther Friezner, you probably associate her with the Chicks in Chainmail books. I did, until my dad found Sphinx’s Princess in some little book store in the mall. I’m in love with Ancient Egypt, so a fiction novel about Nefertiti was not something I could pass up. While I am not a fan of first-person viewpoints, I fell in love with the story right away. When I finished the book, I was sad that I didn’t have the sequel, Sphinx’s Queen. That was some time ago. I have the book now, and began reading it the day of or the day after I finished Perchance to Dream. So I’m not very far yet. But I fell back into the story right away, and am loving every word.


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