Holy Crap, Awesome Stuff!

So! I’ve been super busy the last few months, mostly with work. But I’ve had some brilliant things happen that I just have to share. :)
First is the unbelievable news. I’m part of the Ghostbusters of Salt Lake City, which is one of the GB franchise groups that is part of Ghost Corps, which is run by Sony. (Sony currently holds the rights to the Ghostbusters franchise, if you didn’t know.) And Sony invited our group, along with several others, to attend the red carpet world premiere of the new Ghostbusters movie in LA! We’ll be carpet-side in our uniforms, and we get to see the movie before anyone else! And my husband and I are going!! .<

My husband and I had our two-year anniversary last month. :) We went and saw Alice Through The Looking Glass, which I LOVED. It feels like it was written by Lewis Carroll, even though there’s very little from the original Alice books! And the following week, we saw Warcraft! <3 It was so awesome! I squeed when they panned over the merlock, and every time they showed one of the cities. It was so cool to be able to recognize so many of the locations and characters! Both movies are really good. :) Don’t let the critics stop you from enjoying them! (I’ve noticed that critics tend to hate my favorite movies, unless they’re Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings.)

And the best news, besides the LA premiere, is the whole reason I started this blog. I’m writing again! Well, editing, actually. I spent a good three or four hours after work going over a NaNo novel that I haven’t looked at since I finished writing it, and once I’m done with the edits, I’m going to write a query for it and start sending it around to publishers.
I talked to someone at World Horror about getting started with the publishing part, and she suggested not starting with a series book, like The Hero Project, but something that can easily stand alone. And a polished manuscript, of course. And a light bulb went off in my head. I have a book that’s one final polishing away from sending out! I wrote it back in 2009, when I was taking Children’s Literature, and my husband had just married his ex-wife. I wrote it for NaNoWriMo that year, and spent a week or two editing it and printing it, and that was the final project for Children’s Lit. And it was based on my mother’s favorite fairy tale.
When I got home from work today, I put a few things away, found a cord I’d been looking for, and thought “I should write something today. Hey, I still need to finish editing that book!” So I went looking for my printed and bound copy. I didn’t find it, so I gave up and just pulled up the digital copy. And it was already in my Dropbox, so I got right to work. :) Seven chapters in, reading it out loud to make sure that the flow is right, re-reading bits as I edit them, fixing errors I had missed before, all of that stuff. And it’s sounding so much better! I can’t wait to get it finished and start sending it out!


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